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Welcome to the Giveadelphia community.

Here, we define a new wave of giving.

At Giveadelphia, we believe in a few key things. To be a community, you must serve your community. There is no "perfect" age, time or number to give back. And perhaps most importantly, you don't need to look miles away for a worthy cause to give back to. for Sometimes the best work, the most important work, is in your own backyard.

Connecting Non-Profits

Giveadelphia is a community of young professionals based in the heart of Philadelphia whose mission is to support local nonprofits through charity work and unique gatherings held throughout the city.  Each year the Giveadelphia committee will partner with one local non-profit to help raise capital and awareness for their organization. The charities we support are hyper-local, lesser known, and directly impact the city of Philadelphia. We believe that in lifting up these non-profits, our community has a greater chance to build and prosper from one generation to the next.

Interested in becoming Giveadelphia's next beneficiary? Check back soon for the upcoming year's application.

Getting Involved

We encourage all our members to get involved with local non-profits in whatever way they are inspired to give back. For some, that means donating money or items, while for others, they prefer to get involved by volunteering service hours to the organization. Giveadelphia is proud to support all forms of giving back by helping our members match with organizations that are meaningful to them.

Volunteer opportunities and donation drives posted by our partners will be provided on an ongoing basis to our members through social media and email communication. If you or someone you know is interested in getting involved, make sure to subscribe and add to your contact list to receive future communications.

Alumni Group

The Giveadelphia alumni group ensures that we can continue to make an impact with our non-profit beneficiaries even after our yearly partnership is over. 


Once the Love Back Ball ends, and the donations are distributed to the yearly beneficiary, the selected non-profit will join our “Alumni Group.” By doing so, the organization will receive access to Giveadelphia’s network and marketing support on all Giveadelphia channels. Our Alumni group will also receive a total of 10% of all funds raised through the Love Back Ball year over year.


We believe that creating a shared network of local non-profits will help these organizations grow and continue to gain exposure in the city of brotherly love for years to come. Once a Giveadelphian, always a Giveadelphian.

Check out last year's beneficiary here.

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