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Giveadelphia’s Season Three is Here and Accepting Applications from Local Nonprofits

One week remains in Giveadelphia’s annual search for the next beneficiary of their giving season. Giveadelphia, a community organization whose mission is to connect young professionals to local nonprofits, will announce the selected beneficiary of their third season this August. All organizations classified as a 501(c) are invited to apply, provided they are based in and have programs that directly impact the greater Philadelphia area and its residents.

Michael Rabinowitz, the founder and President of Giveadelphia, is looking forward to the responses of this season’s outreach. “For the past two years, we have been overwhelmed with the amount of interest from nonprofits and their board members. We are eagerly awaiting the review of renewed applications, as well as the opportunity to learn about new organizations working to make a positive impact on our community.”

Giveadelphia has made waves in the Philadelphia community in a short amount of time; activating a network of millennials and Gen X givers that are seemingly difficult to reach by major charity organizations. “It’s about creating meaningful connections.” Rabinowitz stated - nodding to the fact that in just under two years, Giveadelphia has raised over $100,000 and built a network of over 650 subscribers.

“Our goal is simple: be as transparent and authentically human as possible.” Jamie Podgajny, Executive Director of Giveadelphia noted of their success with a younger generation. “People want to know that what they are contributing is making a difference. Whether it be financial or not, our job is to connect those who want to get involved with an organization who needs involvement. By focusing that pillar on causes that impact our local community, constituents can see the impact they are making directly, and therefore feel fulfilled by taking an active role. They are further encouraged to build a better future and participate year over year.”

Giveadelphia’s approach isn’t charity-specific; instead, they focus on the impact an organization can have on the community of Philadelphia. With over 4,000 nonprofits based in Philadelphia alone, Giveadelphia’s strategy to highlight one nonprofit a year enables the team to dedicate a specific amount of time to raise awareness and financial support for the organization, while maximizing their ability to lift up as many nonprofits throughout its lifespan. Selected beneficiaries stay in the Giveadelphia fold as alumni, with regular opportunities to connect with Giveadelphia’s community and will receive a percentage of donations.

While only one week remains to apply, those interested can still fill out an application and express their interest here. Final applications will be accepted no later than August 3rd, 2021.

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