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Giveadelphia Announces Heroic Gardens as Season Three Beneficiary

PHILADELPHIA (Sept 22, 2021) -- Giveadelphia, a community organization focused on raising awareness and funding for local nonprofits, announces Heroic Gardens as the next beneficiary, officially kicking off their third season of operation.

Heroic Gardens is a nonprofit organization founded to help Veterans experience the healing power of nature. A Veterans Service Organization (VSO), Heroic Gardens provides military service men and women across the Greater Philadelphia area with the opportunity to experience nature-based programs as an alternative healing outlet. By working together, Giveadelphia and Heroic Gardens hope to provide volunteer service days, raise awareness about their mission, and provide funding for new and existing programs.

Michael Rabinowitz, Founder and President of Giveadelphia, welcomes Heroic Gardens into the fold stating “the team is thrilled to partner with Heroic Gardens and amplify their mission to our community. We were blown away by their presentation during the application process, and believe they are a perfect fit for our third season of giving.”

Giveadelphia’s application process is not taken lightly, with the committee reviewing multiple applications from nonprofits all across the city, and hosting presentation interviews with the organization’s leaders. “The application process aims to ensure Giveadelphia’s efforts are maximized by picking a beneficiary that fits our goals for the year and matches the interests of our audience. Every nonprofit applicant that we review is notable and has a worthy mission, so our evaluation process is a difficult one, assessing organizations that can truly benefit from our network, while also making sure their programming matches back to our own mission to serve the surrounding community,” Rabinowitz said.

Heroic Gardens is a second-time applicant; an example of the ongoing partnerships that Giveadelphia hopes to establish with organizations who apply. “We are going to be working alongside this organization for close to eight months, so we need to make sure that the fit and chemistry makes sense, as well as the mission, volunteer opportunities, and impact on our community.”

Collie Turner, Founder and Executive Director of Heroic Gardens, has grown the organization exponentially over the past three years, fueling their mission through small donations, private donors, sponsors and partnership grants like the Giveadelphia seasonal beneficiary. “Giveadelphia is providing us with a unique opportunity to not only raise funds, but to engage with young professionals that we may not have otherwise met. The pitch experience challenged us to get creative with programming and think big. We are thrilled about this partnership with Giveadelphia because it will allow us to look towards our future as a sustainable service organization that we have the honor of providing to the Veteran community.”

As the season gets underway, those interested should be on the lookout for announcements from both teams, like volunteer opportunities, meditations in nature and flower-themed cocktail parties. These will serve as opportunities to get to know both organizations and raise money for Heroic Gardens programming within the community. And of course, what is a partnership with Giveadelphia without their annual Love Back Ball? Slated for early Spring 2022, an official announcement will be made in late October.

Watch a video about their work here:

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