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Introducing Sydni Arnett

Meet Sydni Arnett - one of the people you should be thanking when you attend an awesome Giveadelphia event! Sydni brings health, fitness and conscious-living to the Philadelphia community through her work with boutique fitness studios like Everybody Fights and Barry's. She brings an incredible amount of energy to the work that she does, sharing her hope to make the world a better place with the people of Philadelphia.

As our event experience lead, you must have some awesome ideas for a day in Philadelphia. Tell us what you love to do around town!

Apart from getting my daily dose of fitness in, I love to discover restaurants in different

neighborhoods. I cook a lot at home (all vegan!) so it's fun to get out and find a new place to eat with my favorite people. One of my favorites is Bar Bombón in Rittenhouse House.

Quick bonding moment for all of the sugar lovers out there. Tell me about one of your hidden gems, 1-900-Ice-Cream.

This is a Philadelphia favorite! On Sunday, ice cream flavors are posted to an Instagram story and you can place an order for a pint right on the 1-900-Ice Cream website. It is local, grass-fed dairy and sure to make you swoon for a decadent treat. Check them out on instagram @1900icecream.

You are a community super hero with all of the work you do. From Giveadelphia to "Rooftop Yoga for the Pups" with our partners, Franklin and Whitman, what inspires you to give back?

It's simple for me. I want to leave the world a better place than I found it. Whether it's what I am eating or the products I am using in my day-to-day, I want to make as much of a positive impact on the world around me that I can.

You give a lot to the community, how do you find the energy?

I am many things. I work at Everybody Fights, Fitler Club, & Barry's boot camp. Mostly I love to explore Philly with my city fam - Percy and Michael. I am constantly adding amazing people to my life, aside from the obvious specifics, my favorite people are the ones who energize me when I'm around them.

What does Philly give back to you?

Collaboration, passion, and the ability to explore different perspectives.

Sydni Arnett, you are the coolest. Thanks for telling our community more about you and why you are a part of Giveadelphia!

Interested in connecting with Sydni? Follow her on Instagram @sydniarnett or check out her classes at Everybody Fights or Barry's.

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