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Introducing Meg Teti

Meet Meg Teti – our content and design manager! She is driven by music, creative design and finding the small hideaways of Philadelphia. A talented artist and female entrepreneur, we sat down with Meg to get to know a little more about who she is outside of Giveadelphia. Check out the interview below.

Hey Meg! Tell us about yourself outside of Giveadelphia.

I am the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Bread&Butter, a social media marketing company based in Philadelphia. We are a collective of freelancers working together to offer the specialization and stability of a small business with the freedom and affordability of freelancing. My free time is split between physical and creative activities. I love getting lost in the woods, camping, and rock climbing, but I would lose my mind without the ability to create art. I also run a book club called "A Book & A Beer." Which is a nice way to force myself to pause and enjoy at least one good book a month. I try to be environmentally conscious of what I eat, which is pretty easy with all the delicious vegan spots in Philly. Not to mention all the awesome local breweries that have made their home here.

Favorite thing to do in Philadelphia?

I am still pretty new here and am just enjoying all the city has to offer! But my favorite thing to do in Philly is to go to shows. Philadelphia has a very unique and special music scene.

Imagine this, a friend moves to Philadelphia and knows nothing about it. Where do you direct them first?

If we are keeping with the music theme I would say check out the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia on 21st & Chestnut. They hold BYOB shows in their basement that are both a ton of fun and intimate. Something about jamming out in a church basement makes me very nostalgic for my high school years. I also have to mention my split loyalties to my two favorite coffee shops. Check out Function Coffee Labs, in the Italian Market, for the best brewed pour over. Then venture to The Monkey & the Elephant, in Brewerytown, for an anything but basic pumpkin spice latte.

We are so happy you joined us at Giveadelphia. What made the decision for you?

Being a young professional living in Philadelphia, I have real concerns about gentrification and the changing city. I recognize that just by being here I am part of the problem, therefore finding a way to embrace my community and give back is incredibly important. I don't think I could find a better way to be involved than Giveadelphia.

Here’s a hard question... best neighborhood?

West Philly will always hold a special place in my heart because it was the first neighborhood in Philly I ever lived, but truth be told my heart is with Brewerytown.

Last thing we need to know, what would you say to someone considering Philadelphia as a place to call home?

This community supports the endeavors of young professionals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profits. They stand behind the other individuals in their community and support them. Philly cares about art and appreciates diversity.

A special thanks to Meg Teti, our amazing content and design manager!

You can find Meg on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Or follow her on Instagram (@MegTeddy) or Twitter (@MegTeti)

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