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In the News: Giveadelphia Begins the New Year with a Sold Out Event and Growing List of Sponsors.

Giveadelphia, a committee of young professionals, launched in the summer of 2019 and has gained massive traction in just a few short months. A Philadelphia based organization, their mission is to introduce a new wave of giving to local non-profits in need of participation, awareness and financial support. Their unique platform identifies like-minded individuals who are interested in philanthropy but do not know where or how to focus their efforts. Through social gatherings and special events, Giveadelphia matches these individuals with local charities interested in building their reach while offering young professionals a conduit to give back.

The Giveadelphia team was built by Michael Rabinowitz, a local Philadelphian who grew up in the local suburbs and has since started a career in Center City with a prestigious brokerage firm. Encouraged by the community around him, Michael shares his commitment to the city by leading the Giveadelphia organization as Founder and Executive Director. “The young professionals of Philadelphia have an opportunity to impact the city in which they live and serve and actually build a community that doesn’t just talk about giving back but takes an active part in building a new wave, or generation, of giving for the under served communities of Philadelphia.

We want to start right here in our backyard and raise awareness for local non-profits that do not garner the same amount of attention of larger organizations around the area. It is of tremendous importance to highlight these lesser known organizations and I am excited to create a link between young professionals eager to give back and those who need it most.”

Giveadelphia will launch into the new year with their inaugural event, the Love Back Ball. The Love Back Ball is an annual event hosted by the committee members of Giveadelphia. Inspired by the local communities in which young professionals of the Philadelphia area live and serve, The Love Back Ball combines fun, connection and charity in one premier event. Each year, the Giveadelphia committee nominates a different charity to receive the benefits from the ball. Party goers are not only encouraged to give back through ticket sales, but also through donations, drives, fundraising and supporting events throughout the year.

This year, the Love Back Ball will benefit The R.E.L.I.E.F. Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. All donations and proceeds will directly benefit the non-profit selected annually by Giveadelphia. Nominations for the 2021 beneficiary will be announced early spring following a series of applications found on their website,

Giveadelphia sends a special thanks to their leading sponsors: Moda Matters, APM Real Estate, Randy Barker of Compass Inc, Grovara and Prelude Solutions.

Interested in sponsorship or getting involved with Giveadelphia? Contact to learn more.

About Giveadelphia: Giveadelphia is a Philadelphia based organization whose mission is to encourage young professionals to support local non-profits through charity work and unique gatherings held throughout the city. Founded in 2019, Giveadelphia is a platform for those who want to give back while meeting others and sharing community. Our goal is to make the world better one event at a time, and we do that together here in the city of brotherly love. Visit to learn more.

About The R.E.L.I.E.F. Foundation: Beneficiary of Giveadelphia's 2020 Love Back Ball The RELIEF Foundation stands for what we do: Relieve and Embrace Lives Interrupted by Earth's Forces. A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing assistance to people and areas that have experienced great hardship due to nature's forces. The RELIEF workforce arrives in areas when it is time to rebuild, rejuvenate and empower the local community members. RELIEF partners with local community leaders and NGOs to ignite medical, humanitarian and reconstruction projects that will provide tangible benefits and a lasting impact to individuals and communities. Visit to learn more.

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